International Resellers of Tower Garden & Tower Farms
95% water savings compared to plants grown in the soil.
Tower Farms Aeroponic Systems
Tower Garden: now available in Europe!

Aeroponic towers for homes, offices, schools, charities, businesses, urban farms, etc.

Tower Farms

Minimum 10 towers • Fully automated • Up to 52 plants per tower.

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Tower Garden

Outdoors or indoors with led grow lights • 20–28 plants per tower.

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Agrotonomy Provides Beyond Organic Agricultural & Gardening Eco-solutions

We are international resellers of Tower Garden® & Tower Farms worldwide. 

Our aeroponic systems can be used indoors or outdoors and can operate in heavy storm conditions.

Aside from an average of 75% space-saving, our towers allow to grow fruit, vegetables, herbs, and flowers using 95% less water than what is required to grow plants in the soil: these aeroponic towers are the perfect gardening and farming option for water restricted areas!

Tower Garden aeroponic systems are truly a ‘plug & plant’ fully automated experience! 

100% natural and pesticide free: check out the beyond organic section of our website!

Certified Worldwide Resellers of Tower Garden® & Tower Farms

Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa, Oceania, North & South America

From residential use to commercial farming, we use the same pure mineral soluble mix to grow hundreds of different crops!  Our fruits, herbs and vegetables feature an average of 35% to 60% more nutrients than their counterparts grown in the soil.

We do not advocate nor brag about producing better crop, but rather, we prove it by publishing a scientific comparative study which was partially funded by the US Department of Agriculture.

Tower Garden crop yield is also 35% to 50% superior than conventional farming/gardening and we prove it as well.

Residential models feature 20 growing ports. A tower extension for an extra 8 plants can be ordered separately (giving a maximum of 28 plants capacity for the residential model). 

A commercial tower is designed to grow up to 52 plants (Fully automated commercial Tower Garden systems are now also available for the European market with a minimum of 10 towers per order!). 

Agrotonomy Corp. has set up the first aeroponic Tower Farms in Europe, Asia, Africa, and in the Middle East using Tower Garden® patented technology.


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