Agrotonomy is proud to announce the upcoming inception of a new Tower Farm in Equatorial Guinea.

This project will be developed in the outskirts of the capital City of Malabo.

Equatorial Guinea is split in two (2) locations. There is the continental Equatorial Guinea and the island of Bioko that is located off the coast of Cameroon.

Oddly enough, Malabo is built on the island of Bioko located 236 kilometers (147 miles) from the mainland of Equatorial Guinea on the African continent.

Agrotonomy will be actively involved in the development of this project from Tower Farm assembly supervision to ongoing project consultancy.

When buying a Tower Farm from us, we offer 2 free days of Tower Farm installation supervision and staff training on location. When traveling on location, we always come as 2 individuals, and our client is only responsible for airfare, hotel, food, & local transportation. 

This upcoming Tower Farm will be developed in behalf of a non-government organization (NGO) and this is why Agrotonomy’s team will walk the extra mile by offering ongoing free consultation services.

This Tower Farm will be located close to the equator in Western Africa, straight across from our other Tower Farms customers in Kenya, in Eastern Africa (Malabo is almost on the same latitude as Nairobi).

This upcoming Tower Farm in Equatorial Guinea will be, by far, the largest Tower Farm in Africa.

We are currently packing the Tower Farm for imminent shipment. We will keep you updated about the development of this vertical farm project in Western Africa!

The entire team of Agrotonomy feels honored to be involved with this project.

This is vertical farming in Africa at its best! 

Agrotonomy has set up the first aeroponic vertical Tower Farms in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, Polynesia, and the Middle East.

Coming up next in Africa: Tower Farm in Cape Verde! Stay tuned!