Growing green beans, sugar snaps, snap peas, green peas, garbanzo beans etc. will require the use of a support cage attachment “pole structure” allowing the vines to grow properly.

When growing beans in the soil, planting techniques vary depending on the type of beans: runner beans, pole beans, bush beans etc. However, when using an aeroponic tower, the only options to optimize crop yield relies on the outside structure. This is why we like to use a grow cage for support enhanced with crisscrossed kitchen twine giving support for the tendrils.

For pole beans such as haricots verts, we advise planting seedlings in every other pot only… Using every planting section of the tower will result in a “jungle” of leaves counterproductively overshadowing the beans and this is why we prefer to leave empty sections (i.e. planting seedlings in pots #1, #3 and #5.).

Beans give a generous crop yield on aeroponic towers but the vines tend to grow overwhelmingly: this is why we advise doing monoculture when growing beans aeroponically on a tower.