Growing celery on the Tower Garden has its pros and cons:

Unless growing celery in the perfect climate-controlled greenhouse conditions, celery takes a long time to grow on the Tower Garden (up to 60 days and even longer depending on varieties). Also, the celery stalks tend to grow thinner than when planted in the soil.

However, celery plants grown on a Tower Garden are extremely flavorful and highly recommended for juicing.

In theory, every single growing ports on your Tower Garden could be dedicated to celery like it is done in commercial Tower Farms. In other terms, the slow growth of celery can be offset by optimizing the growing ports of your tower.

Celery grows massive roots and needs to be harvested when it reaches maturity. Celery can be harvested partially or fully (either by picking the larger celery stalks or by pulling the whole plant out of the tower with its root system).

We advise you to have a couple of celery plants growing at all times on your Tower Garden (can be planted anywhere on the tower).