Spinach grows exceptionally well on aeroponic towers, giving a truly superior mouthwatering crop. When preparing the seedlings, it is important to do so in a pitch dark room (20°C/ 70°F maximum) to maximize the success ratio of your seedlings (spinach seedlings can be very finicky when exposed to light or to too much heat over the first week).

We advised to plant 4 to 6 seeds per rockwool cube. It usually takes a couple weeks for the seeds to germinate and seedlings are generally ready to be transplanted on your aeroponic tower 3 weeks later.

Spinach can be harvested by pulling the whole plant out of the tower along with its root system. However, spinach can be fresh-cut and harvested gradually during 45 to 60 days: just pick the outer larger leaves (we prefer to use a clean plant cutter/shears rather than breaking off the leaves by hand).

Cutting the leaves off with the help of the sharp tool limits the amount of pathogens which can affect your plants generated the ongoing picking process. As you cut the larger outer leaves, new spinach leaves will keep on growing in the center of the plant giving extremely generous harvests. Due to the finicky process of preparing spinach seedlings, we prefer to fresh-cut our spinach plants to maximize the yield of each plant and only pick what we need.

Harvesting spinach leaves regularly will extend the longevity of the plants. However, as soon as you see signs of bolting, time has come to pull the whole plant out of the tower and replace it with a new seedling. Spinach is probably our favorite leafy green to consume and we strongly recommend that you to grow all kinds of spinach: most of all spinach varieties will thrive when grown on a Tower Garden®. In our experience, from all our comparative tests, spinach plants grown on the tower give a better crop yield than when grown in the soil. Furthermore, aeroponic spinach is far tastier than its counterpart grown through conventional gardening methods.

Due to its increased nutritional values as well as its unparalleled crop yield, spinach is a cash crop for commercial Tower Farms using Tower Garden® technology.