Aeroponic Tower Masterclass

Tower Farm Course from Beginner to Advanced.


For the last few months, we have been preparing a master class for anyone considering setting up a Tower Farm using Tower Garden technology.

This Tower Farm & Tower Garden course addresses every challenge and answers all the questions about working with Tower Garden technology when setting up a Tower Farm.

As the worldwide leader in Tower Farm development, Agrotonomy was the first to set up commercial Tower Farms in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Australia, Oceania, and South America. We have been involved with every significant Tower Farm in the West Indies, and we have developed many projects in the USA as well as in Canada.

After having developed over 100 Tower Farms in 48 countries, we have dealt with almost all climate challenges, including setting up fully climate-controlled greenhouses where temperatures reach up to 52°C (125°F).

This Tower Farm & Tower Garden course represents the fusion of all our experience. It is presented in 17 chapters and covers everything we have learned about vertical farming with an aeroponic Tower Farm or growing food at home with a Tower Garden.

Whether farming or gardening outdoors, indoors with LED lights, or in a climate-controlled greenhouse, Agrotonomy’s team has acquired more hands-on experience than any other business entity within our industry, working with Tower Garden technology and setting up commercial Tower Farms worldwide.

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The chapters of our Tower Farm course are as follows:

1. Introduction
2. Assembly
3. Irrigation
4. Nutrients
5. Water quality
6. Seedlings
7. Harvest rotation
8. Planting strategies
9. Cleaning
10. Maintenance
11. Pests & insects
12. Fungus
13. Crop specific chapters: Leafy Greens, Aromatic Herbs, Leafy Vegetables, Vegetables, Fruit etc.
14. Electricity usage
15. Solar panel setup
16. Shipping and international export/import

Tower Farm Masterclass FAQ

1. What will the price be for the Tower Farm Masterclass?

The price for Agrotonomy’s Tower Farm Masterclass will be US $499. However, if you preregister for our Tower Farm Masterclass, you will be eligible for a US $100 discount.

2. When will the Tower Farm Masterclass be available?

Although we originally scheduled to launch our Tower Farm Masterclass on the 1st of June 2024, regrettably, due to a hard drive problem, some of the videos related to our summer crops have been corrupted. We are talking about videos for key crops such as tomatoes, eggplants, zucchini, etc. In other words, we need to reshoot these videos during this upcoming summer, hence explaining the delay in launching our Tower Farm Masterclass.

Our new projected launch date is the 20th of September 2024.

Individuals who have preregistered for the Tower Farm Masterclass will receive an email one week before the official launch of this unique Tower Farm course.

3. In which format will I receive the Tower Farm Masterclass?

Our Tower Farm Masterclass consists of a series of advanced video content. Upon signing up for the course, you will be provided with a private link and password, allowing you to view Agrotonomy’s Tower Farm Masterclass on two devices.

4. What is the difference between our e-book titled "Vertical Farming With Aeroponics" and our Tower Farm Masterclass?

Vertical Farming With Aeroponics” features the most comprehensive information for anyone considering setting up/buying a Tower Farm. From water and electricity consumption to nutrient options and usage, from labor involved to crop yield, and from greenhouse options and specifications to shipping & export forms, this publication is 100% recommended for anyone considering becoming a Tower Farmer.

Vertical Farming With Aeroponics” features all the information necessary to write a presentation for anyone looking for potential investors. There is more crucial information published in “Vertical Farming With Aeroponics” than anywhere else on the subject.

On the other hand, the Tower Farm Masterclass is a course mainly addressed for people owning a Tower Farm or a few Tower Gardens. We publish a wealth of tips and tricks allowing Tower Farm and Tower Garden owners to optimize their bottom line regardless of the crops they wish to grow regardless of the environment (outdoors, indoors with LED lights, or in a greenhouse).

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When considering taking a Tower Farm class and buying a course, although other Tower Farmers might offer several options, wouldn’t you instead learn from the best?

We are the leaders in Tower Farm development worldwide, and our Tower Farm course is a sum total of our experience, shared with you in layman’s terms.

Reserve your copy today and receive $100 discount on the purchase of “Aeroponic Tower Master Class”

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