Running a Tower Farm is like “farming for dummies”, or more exactly, it is a technology for people having zero previous farming or gardening experience!

At Agrotonomy Corp., as a combined team, we had over 28 years of organic farming and 12 years of running a hydroponic farm before getting involved in aeroponic farming running a Tower Farm using Tower Garden technology.

When it comes to conventional soil-based farming, becoming a farmer is a profession that takes years of experience. It is not like someone can be gifted some land and start farming without experience.

The same applies to hydroponics. In fact, when operating a hydroponic farm, there are constant problems with pH and EC (electroconductivity). The farm staff needs to include professionals who understand water biology and plant science. Furthermore, a hydroponic farm requires ongoing strategy in terms of nutrients and pH. There is a unique nutrient solution for each crop… and for many different crops, the nutrient solution and the pH of the water needs to be adjusted or changed every week… in other terms, a hydroponic farm requires knowledge and experience.

However, with a Tower Farm, no previous experience is required! Everyone has a green thumb: it is really a “plant & watch it grow” system.

Anyone can operate a Tower Farm: absolutely no experience is required.

In fact, we also run a nonprofit organization by the name of Towers Without Borders which main goal is to set up small Tower Farms for disadvantaged communities & orphanages around the world. With this aeroponic technology, someone without previous farming experience can be trained overnight and run a Tower Farm for years to come. Training can be done in person (on-site) or remotely. Tower Farms aeroponic systems are the only option when it comes to setting up a farm without previous experience. This is not possible with soil farming, hydroponics nor aquaponics.

Furthermore, setting a Tower Farm is extremely easy, since everything is modular and stackable! Assembling a Tower Farm is as easy as playing legos!!!

Of course, Tower Farms are known for their abundant crop yields, for saving 95% water in comparison to soil farming aside from saving up to 90% in space. Tower Farms are also extremely versatile and can be featured indoors, outdoors, on rooftops, etc. However, one of the main reasons why we got involved in promoting Tower Farms around the world, is because of how simple it is to operate Tower Farm.

Think about the name of our business which is Agrotonomy Corp.: Agrotonomy is a portmanteau between agronomy and autonomy. Our main mission is to bring agricultural autonomous solutions to commercial and residential markets. A fully automated aeroponic Tower Farm by Tower Garden is the only technology that someone can master overnight without previous farming experience. It is truly agricultural autonomy, the only technology that brings professional results to everyone!

With Tower Farm technology, everyone with a couple of days of experience can become an expert!

Most Tower Farm owners did not have any previous farming/gardening experience when they started.

A Tower Farm is analogically to the farming world what Apple was to the computer world when it came out in terms of user-friendliness.

So if you are considering getting involved in the food security industry but do not have any previous experience, our fully automated Tower Farm aeroponic systems were conceived for you!!!!