Is the Tower Garden an aeroponic column or an aeroponic tube? Or is it an aeroponic tower?

At Agrotonomy, we prefer to refer to our technology as ” Aeroponic Towers”… However, it truly does not matter: whether someone refers to them as aeroponic column, aeroponic tubes, aeroponic tubing, it is conceptually almost all the same! It is all about aeroponic vertical farming!

However, we prefer to stay away from the terminology of “aeroponics tubes and aeroponics tubing”: in fact, the Tower Garden is made of modular stackable planting sections. It is not a tube… It has nothing to do with tubing… In other words, an aeroponic column or and aeroponic tower is much more appropriate.

Contrary to all these new emerging aeroponic Chinese knockoff towers made of toxic plastic, Tower Garden was the pioneer of the technology when it hit the market 12 years ago.

On the internet, there are lots of DIY “aeroponics PVC tubing” videos. The only thing that is important when referring to a Tower Garden, is to stay away from the PVC acronym… Tower Garden is made from the safest high-end UV-stabilized, BPA-free, food-grade PC/ABS proprietary plastic formula. The PC/ABS which has been engineered for the manufacturing of Tower Garden has been successfully tested for chemical leaching all the way to the nanoparticle.

No one in our industry uses a material as thick, as opaque, and as expensive as the proprietary PC/ABS formula used for Tower Garden.

In other words, whether someone refers to aeroponic towers or aeroponic columns, it is more or less all the same. However, ‘aeroponics tubing’ is not appropriate since the Tower Garden is not a tube…

At Agrotonomy, whether for the residential or for the commercial markets, rather than thinking of the Tower Garden as an aeroponic tube, an aeroponic column, or again, as in aeroponic tower, we think of our technology as the ultimate autonomous food growing solution!

Tower Garden is not only the pioneer of the technology, but it is the only vertical farming equipment used by over 100,000 residential customers and over 350 commercial profitable Tower Farms. This does not include the 1500+ schools and universities using Tower Garden technology for educational purposes.