Agrotonomy is proud to announce its partnership with The Farms, a diversified farming technology consortium headquartered in Abu Dhabi in the UAE.

Together, we are currently building the largest aeroponic Tower Farm in the Middle East, located in the middle of the picturesque dunes of the Liwa desert, a couple of hours from Abu Dhabi.

For that purpose, The Farms recently purchased a date farm in the Liwa desert that is being repurposed to build a Tower Farm and other precision farming projects, including aquaculture and insect farming (The date farm will remain active).

In the UAE, Agrotonomy will resell commercial Tower Farms and Tower Garden (for the domestic market) in an exclusive collaboration with The Farms.

We have a full container load of Tower Garden HOME and Tower Garden FLEX currently being shipped to the UAE. These towers will be available for purchase in the UAE in September 2023.

The Farms will provide the towers, complete customer support, and seedlings for customers not interested in growing their own.

Aside from the domestic market, we now offer full turnkey commercial Tower Farm solutions in the UAE in partnership with The Farms.

Agrotonomy has already been involved with vertical farming development in the UAE for quite a few years: The only component we were missing to make a difference truly, was a solid partnership with a local company representing the technology. Our new partners are that missing piece of the puzzle!!

We are actively working with The Farms on several exciting projects. Together, we will contribute to redefining the food supply chain in the UAE through autonomous eco-friendly farming solutions.

Tower Garden HOME

Tower Garden FLEX

Commercial Aeroponic Towers used in a Tower Farm