Agrotonomy set up the first Tower Farm outside the USA in Ibiza, Spain back in 2015.

Since then, Agrotonomy has become the leading international Tower Farm reseller with a clientele spread on 5 continents. Our Tower Farm customers are located in the following countries:

France, Spain, Sweden, Belgium, Slovakia, Germany, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Kenya, Equatorial Guinea, Philippines, Malaysia, Australia, Tahiti, Saint Martin, Saint Barthélémy, Saint Lucia, and Antigua.

In Spain, France, UAE, and Kenya, we have multiple Tower Farms in each country.

Hopefully, soon, we will be able to add South America to our world map of customers. We are currently considering partnering on Tower Farm projects in Colombia and Peru. We are looking forward to announcing an official Tower Farm project in Latin America in the very near future.

Also, considering that Tower Garden had just released a new commercial LED light kit for indoor growing, in 2022, we will be focusing on cold-weather countries where indoor growing is the only option for year-round harvests: from Russia to Estonia, and from Scandinavia to Iceland, we are committed to set up indoor Tower Farms fully lit by LED lights.

Agrotonomy Corporation has set up the first Tower Farms using the Tower Garden technology in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, Polynesia, and the Middle East.

We do intend to persevere with our international development endeavors and to contribute in building Tower Farms in more countries for the years to come.

From our perspective, making this technology available worldwide aims at redefining the food supply chain through autonomous eco-friendly farming solutions.

Every time we become part of a Tower Farm project in a new country, we feel a strong sense of reward, excitement, and gratefulness!

To get a quote for a fully automated Tower Farm system, please fill out our Quotation Tool, and a Tower Farm proposal will be sent to you right away.

Our target is to be present in over 100 countries by 2025! We are working on this goal one Tower Farm at a time!