The journey from the corporate life to farming started years ago for Clint and Sheree Crowe. Plans were made and opportunities researched.

In 2017 with a slogan of “If not now, when?” they made the jump into farming. Through some most fortunate events they found the Tower Garden growing systems and built a greenhouse to begin Tower Farming. They created a company called Sweetwater Urban Farms.

Sweetwater Urban Farms is focused on building new greenhouses in retail, hospital, school, and industry locations to grow and deliver produce directly to consumers with zero miles. Additionally, with unique experience in Health Information Exchange, Sweetwater Urban Farms is incorporating social determinate data models to fight food insecurity through Tower Farming.

Visit us at to learn more about Farm-to-School, Farm-to-Table, Farm-to-Business and Farm-to-Hospital.

ATL Urban Farms is passionate about being a partner with our Tower Gardeners.

We’re excited to get connected with Agrotonomy and work on an international platform. The food system has many ills that we are working together to solve. Farm-to-Table, Table-to-Soul.