With a DWC system, roots are submerged in a water solution enriched with nutrients being actively oxygenated.

Well oxygenated water is crucial in DWC.

DWC systems are equipped with a special air pump to oxygenate the nutrient solution in which the roots are submerged. This is not the case with your aeroponic tower and this is why it is important to prevent roots from growing in the bottom reservoir.

Based on our experience farming with towers, root management is an ongoing challenge with all crops which take a long time to grow (cabbages, Brussels sprouts, broccolis, courgettes, squash, edible flowers, cannabis etc.).

Considering that the water contained in the bottom reservoir of your tower is not being actively oxygenated like in a DWC system, when allowing the roots to grow inside the reservoir of the tower, plants cannot receive a healthy delivery of the nutrients (oxygen is key in that process).

Also, when letting the roots grow into the bottom reservoir of an aeroponic tower, although the crops will still look acceptable, they will not be as flavorful and healthy as the plants growing aeroponically in the upper sections of the tower (where roots are suspended in the air the ‘aeroponic way’).

Aside from nutrients discrepancy, when the roots grow into the reservoir, the pump can also get easily damaged.

Your aeroponic tower is not a DWC system… Bottom line: do not let roots grow in the reservoir!