Agrotonomy’s team is proud to have partnered with NGS for the international distribution of the oscillating strawberry cultivation system that they manufacture for greenhouse farming.

NGS is the world leader in manufacturing hydroponic systems for strawberries. Their ingenious oscillating hydroponic technology allows to grow up 300,000 plants per hectare while greatly facilitating the harvesting process. This is 5x crop increase per square meter in comparison to conventional soil farming.

From Portugal to the UK, and from Laos to the US, there are strawberry farms using NGS oscillating cutting-edge hydroponic technology in over 20 countries.

This state-of-the-art hydroponic strawberry cultivation system has been designed for 1 hectare of greenhouse minimum.

In collaboration with NGS, we provide full turnkey hydroponic strawberry farm solutions including the building and assembling of the greenhouse (potential customers interested in a greenhouse strawberry farm smaller than 1 hectare should refrain from inquiring about NGS’ hydroponic strawberry cultivation system since 1 hectare is truly the MOQ for such technology).

Example of an NGS oscillating strawberry cultivation system that they manufacture for greenhouse farming

After 2 decades of working as the world manufacturing leader in the hydroponic strawberry farming sector, NGS spent years in research and development engineering the first indoor intensive vertical farming strawberry system.

Considering Agrotonomy’s expertise in vertical farming development, we ended up partnering with NGS for the promotion of this unique vertical farming hydroponic system for strawberries which is now available worldwide.

This indoor hydroponic strawberry cultivation system can produce 28 tons of strawberries in 375 m², or up to 230 tons of strawberries in 2500 m² (based on an 8-meter high ceiling). We are talking about an indoor hydroponic system 100% lit by LED lights which involves high-tech multiple-climate HVAC systems.

This revolutionary strawberry vertical farming system is the first intensive solution for indoor strawberry farming with all agricultural parameters 100% controlled ensuring optimum yields and the best-tasting fruit quality.

This indoor intensive hydroponic strawberry cultivation system only uses 50% of the LED lights which would be normally required in vertical farming. It is truly a marvel of engineering: ongoing strawberry harvests 12 months out of the year guaranteed farmed within city limits!!

Example of an NGS oscillating strawberry cultivation system that they manufacture for indoor farming

This vertical hydroponic indoor system was originally designed for strawberry farming in the Middle East. It was conceived to farm strawberries year-round circumventing extreme heat conditions. It is also the perfect strawberry hydroponic cultivation system for extreme cold weather locations since 100% of the growing process is controlled in terms of luminosity, temperature, humidity, CO2 levels, air exchange/circulation, water & nutrients quality.

However, more than being the only solution for strawberry farming year-round in extreme climates (hot or cold), our vertical hydroponic system is the only solution for intensive strawberry cultivation within an urban context.

Growing strawberries in a city allows to circumvent the conventional transportation and distribution channels. Strawberries can be harvested a few days later (in comparison to conventional farming) when they are truly ripe. With our technology, strawberries can be picked the same day as they are being sold to the customer without a refrigeration process involved.

Contrary to apples or bananas, strawberries are a non-climacteric fruit and therefore stop ripening after harvest. If a strawberry is picked too early, it will not release the right amount of sugars nor enough flavonoids resulting in a semi-crunchy and sour unripe fruits.

Usually, strawberries are harvested 7-10 days before being ready, hence allowing farmers to deliver a fruit which will not rot in the distribution process. Regrettably, the end customers will end up buying unripe strawberries. Aside from tasting sour and lacking juice, such fruit are inferior in terms of nutrient density and antioxidant levels in comparison to a ripe strawberry picked at the right time.

Setting up a strawberry urban farm is the only way to sell ripe strawberries which have been harvested the same day as they are being sold.

NGS vertical strawberry hydroponic system is the only proven intensive strawberry farming solution that can be set up indoors.

Agrotonomy’s team can coordinate on your behalf the purchase, the installation, and the training of your indoor vertical strawberry hydroponic system.