Tower Garden aeroponic system is very versatile. It can be used indoors with its LED light kit, and outdoors, whether on a balcony or on a rooftop.

When used indoors, Tower Garden needs to be equipped with a LED light kit that only uses 120 W:

– 120 watts × 14 hours per day = 1,680 watts = 1.68 kWh

Using the rate of $0.15 per kWh, the cost of operating the LED light kit for Tower Garden would amount to slightly more than $5 per month.

The tower works with two timers. One timer for the pump which basically is on 10 to 15 minutes per hour, and one built-in timer for the LED light kit which should be on 14 hours per day to give enough light to the plants.

The bottom reservoir of the Tower Garden for the residential market has been redesigned to be smaller to be more convenient when used indoors. Also, this reservoir comes with built-in wheels allowing to move the tower from one room to the next effortlessly.

So, when people ask us, “Can I grow Tower Garden indoors?”, the answer is, yes! Tower Garden is in fact the only food-growing system offered to the residential market that produces professional-grade results and which does not require any previous experience in gardening or farming.

Tower Garden is a food-growing machine, and whether you use your tower in your living room, kitchen, garage, or on your balcony, it has been perfectly designed accordingly.

Many Tower Garden owners use their towers indoors during the cold season with a LED light kit and move their towers outdoors (without LED lights) 6 to 8 months of the year during spring, summer, and the early part of the fall.

Once again, Tower Garden for home-use is all about options, versatility, and uncompromised quality.

Although the Tower Garden for the residential market is perfect for the home, this hydroponic tower model is being used extensively in schools, universities, offices, restaurants, hotel lobbies, etc.