It is not recommended to grow tomatoes or peppers when using a Tower Garden HOME equipped with its LED light kit. Tomato plants are vines that grow extensionally and can reach up to 20 feet/6 m in length. In other terms, tomato plants would outgrow the space covered by the LED light kit.

The same applies to pepper plants that grow like a “mini tree”… even when the LED light kit is fully extended, the pepper plants would touch the lights.

Of course, many ‘stubborn customers’ still grow fruiting vegetables indoors despite the large plants. In this case, the plants need to be trimmed so they do not reach the LED light kit and, regrettably, reduce the crop yield drastically.

Indoors, with the use of a LED light kit, if you still want to grow tomatoes and peppers, we advise you to go for dwarf varieties i.e. Mini Bell Peppers, Chilly chili peppers, Masquerade Ornamental peppers (which are also edible but usually grown for ornamental purposes), etc.

On the other hand, a Tower Garden home is ideally suited for growing peppers and tomatoes (or any other fruiting vegetables i.e., eggplants, zucchini, squash, loofah sponges, etc.).

Although the Tower Garden HOME is highly versatile, when used indoors with a LED light kit, it does have its limitations due to space constraints.