One of the great advantages of gardening with a Tower Garden is the fact that it can be used to grow different crops on the same tower at the same time.

Of course, a ‘common sense strategy’ must be applied during the planting process. For example, heavy crops that take a long time to grow, such as cabbages, should be planted in the lower sections of the tower.

We recommend the purchase of our e-book titled, Getting the Most Out of Your Aeroponic Tower. Such publication features 145 pages of tips and tricks for a large variety of crops including planting strategy recommendations.

In a commercial Tower Farm, although different crops can be grown on the same tower, we advocate monocrop planting/growing. From a crop yield perspective, as well as from a simplified harvest process, planting one crop in one tower is highly recommended for commercial applications.

However, when using Tower Garden HOME for residential use, mix-matching crops on the same tower is like creating a ‘food bouquet’!

We suggest that when mixing different crops in a Tower Garden, edible flowers should also be planted, not just for salad ornaments, but also as beneficial insect magnets (when the tower is being used outdoors).