Along with arugula, watercress is one of the fastest growing crops in a Tower Garden.

Although it comes across between leafy greens and herbs, the watercress, also called yellow cress, is a specie of aquatic flowering plant in the cabbage family.

Watercress grows not only rapidly but also prolifically. It also germinates very quickly. From seed to seedling and from seedling to fully grown crop, watercress is definitely a winner for Tower Farm operators.

Aside from commercial Tower Farm applications, we strongly recommend to anyone owning a Tower Garden HOME or Tower Garden FLEX to grow watercress from making tasty soups to salads with a ‘punch’.

Watercress does not like heat and this is why we advise against growing this crop during the summer.

Watercress features numerous health benefits which we advise you to Google. In our opinion, watercress is an underrated crop that should get more consideration.

Whether you own a Tower Farm or just a Tower Garden for home-use, growing watercress should be part of your planting strategy. However, if planting several crops on the same tower, always put into perspective that the watercress will be ready for harvest before most of your other crops.