Another Tower Farm is coming to Africa! We are proud to announce an upcoming Tower Farm using Tower Garden technology in Cabo Verde, a.k.a. Cape Verde.

Cape Verde is an archipelago and island country in the central Atlantic Ocean, off the Western coast of Africa. It consists of 10 volcanic islands where most foods are imported, making growing food locally a top priority.

We would like to congratulate Mr. Helder Augusto Lopes da Silva, for his visionary spirit.  Together, we will work towards redefining the food security paradigm of Cape Verde.  Our Tower Farms might not be the solution to the problem, but they are definitely part of the solution!

Tower Farms allow us to grow food locally reducing the need to import nutrients-deprived crops which generally have been harvested too early in order to circumvent the logistics of transport. 

Aside from growing crops locally while saving 95% water in comparison to conventional soil-farming, Tower Farms offer a much healthier option considering that our fruits and vegetables feature an average of 35% increase in nutrient density.

Cape Verde will be our third project in Africa. From South Africa to Morocco, from Tanzania to Senegal, and from Ivory Coast to Cameroon, we intend to build Tower Farms in every country in Africa using Tower Garden technology!

Currently, the Tower Farm for Cape Verde is currently at sea being shipped… We will keep you updated on its development.

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