Coco coirs for our Tower Farm! Agrotonomy is switching from using rockwool over to coco coirs. Coco coirs is not any longer a novelty in the agricultural industry. However, good organic coco coirs are not easy to find! A good coco coir is a medium which will hold about 50% water and 50% air for a healthy seedling/rooting process. Choosing organic coco coirs is a must since coco coirs are made from coco husks. Unless organic, most coco husks are soaked with health hazardous pesticides. True Garden in the USA, our partner Tower Farm, just switched 100% from rockwool over to the highest quality of organic coco coirs! They have tested over 100 different crops successfully and they are getting incredible results: the coco coirs fit tighter/better in the growing ports of the Tower Garden thus reducing algae growth. With these organic coco coirs, True Garden reports that they are also experiencing better rooting and an increased crop yield. Anyone in the USA considering buying online seedlings for their Tower Garden should definitely buy them from True Garden. Only True Garden in the USA sells quality organic seedlings grown in organic coco coirs which size is perfectly suited for Tower Garden! Inspired by the success of our partners at True Garden, we are now in the process of switching 100% over to coco coirs as well. In the near future, we will be able to help out all our Tower Farm and Tower Garden customers to get their hands on such premium coco coirs. The advantage of a seedling grown in a quality organic coco coir is that it can be used on a Tower Garden or on an NFT hydroponic system, but it also can be planted straight into the soil. Of course, the same can be accomplished with a seedling using a cube of rockwool. However, if planted in the soil, rockwool is not compostable unlike coco coirs which will organically break down. The organic coco coirs feature a neutral pH which will not affect the pH of the nutrient solution of a Tower Garden. It is truly a superior product… No wonder that our partners at True Garden call it the “ The next generation grow medium”! We are enthusiastically looking forward to upgrade our Tower Farm with the use of these organic coco coirs!