Although strawberries grow extremely well on the Tower Garden, we advise against commercial strawberry farming using this aeroponic technology.

When thinking of setting up a Tower Farm, many newbies to agriculture 4.0 are considering growing strawberries commercially.

Over the last five years, Agrotonomy Tower Farms has run many tests growing strawberries to benchmark the viability of such crop on a commercial level.

We have run extensive tests on 4 continents (multiple climates) – outdoor, indoor, and in greenhouses. We have started our plants from seeds and from runners as comparative tests. Rather than sharing the exhaustive data which we have collected, as Tower Farm consultants and as farmers, in conclusion to our research, as of March 2021, we now advise against growing strawberries in a Tower Farm using Tower Garden technology.

Even the manufacturer of Tower Garden/Tower Farms is against using its technology to grow strawberries commercially.

What a shame! In fact, strawberries which grow on a Tower Garden are delicious and overly juicy. This is why we vividly advise growing strawberries at home with the Tower Garden for home-use.

We have recently created a new branch of our company by the name of Agrotonomy Strawberry Farms. We have partnered with a hi-tech agro-company from Spain, European leader in the world of strawberry vertical farming.

As of 2021, we now offer a revolutionary indoor strawberry vertical farming system allowing to grow 80 plants per square meter. This translates into 28 tons of strawberries per year in a 375m² only or 230 tons in 2,500m²!!

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