1/3 of the country lies below sea level! However, through means of dikes, pumps, sand dunes and ingenious dams, the Dutch have figured out the most advanced anti-flood system in the world allowing them to “stay above water”!

But here are some crazier facts about this tiny country:

The Netherlands is 9 times smaller than Germany, 13 times smaller than France, 231 times smaller than China, 237 times smaller than the USA, 412 times smaller than Russia, and yet, it is the second largest agricultural exporter in the world!

The Dutch are obviously not relying on their landmass but rather on their brainpower! By migrating to an agricultural 4.0 strategy, Dutch farmers have shown the world that feeding the ever-growing world population is a challenge that can be circumvented successfully.

Not only the Netherlands is the second agricultural exporter in the world, but also, Dutch farmers have managed to reduce the use of pesticide by over 85% over the last 15 years. In other terms, when buying non-organic vegetables, aromatic herbs, fruits, edible flowers etc. grown in the Netherlands, such crops are statistically the most natural in the world without being organic.

From Europe to Asia, from the USA to South America, and from the Middle East to Africa, worldwide, aside from leading agricultural Dutch companies, there is always a Dutch Pavilion at every main agricultural tradeshow. The Dutch government strategically invests in its international presence as it understands very well that advanced know-how is another exportable commodity!! And it is…

Conclusion, everyone around the world should follow the Dutch example: get on a bicycle, ride regardless of weather condition, it seems to be good for the brain!!

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