When growing fruits and vegetables using Tower Garden technology, whether farming in a fully automated commercial Tower Farm, or whether at home, different sources of fertilizers can be used!

The mineral soluble nutrient solution manufactured by Tower Garden is excellent, but there are many other fertilizer options providing equal results.

We have customers in Europe and in the USA using the nutrients-enriched water from their aquaponic farm, and they are getting top-notch results and bountiful harvests!

Some Tower Farms are using organic nutrients designed for hydroponics, while others prefer to choose their own natural NPK formulas and boosters.

In today’s difficult international shipping context, we recommend for anyone running a Tower Farm outsource quality fertilizer options locally (or at least within the same continent).

Mineral-based fertilizers, even the purest, are considered hazmats (hazardous materials) since they contain phosphorus, from which explosives can be made.

Considering that it has become increasingly challenging to ship hazmats from the US to foreign destinations, finding local options is highly recommendable.

Agrotonomy’s team assists its clientele in outsourcing the right nutrients for their Tower Farms, regardless of the country involved.

Regardless of the option chosen, we advise against buying any nutrient formula featuring man-made synthetic ingredients.

Whether using an organic nutrient formula suitable for hydroponics, whether using the water from an aquaponic farm or again, whether opting for a soluble mineral solution, it is crucial to select fertilizers only featuring natural and pure ingredients.