Getting The Most out of your Aeroponic Tower

Do’s and Don’ts – Tips and Tricks

Getting The Most out of your Aeroponic Tower

Do’s and Don’ts – Tips and Tricks


Our e-book provides a wealth of advice allowing you to optimize your crop yield!

We do not address every crop which can be grown on your aeroponic tower. This e-book is just pertinent to those plants for which we feel that our experience can bring an added value to your tower gardening experience.

Your tower came with an instruction manual which gives comprehensive information to grow most crops, however, through trial and error, we have found better ways or different ways to handle quite a few different produce….

At Agrotonomy, we have perfected our farming experience specializing in growing up to 150 different crops per year.

This e-book is about sharing with you our input based on our tower farm experience. We are speaking about ‘do’s and don’ts’ and ‘tips and tricks’ that we wish we could have known about when we started farming with aeroponic towers. If a crop which you are interested to grow is missing from this publication, it means that we felt that no special advice was necessary in addition to the instructions given by the manufacturer.

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We donate over 90% of our production to low income families.

100% of the money generated by the sales of this e-book is being allocated to such purpose. 

The cost of the ebook is $20 (we welcome donations above such amount in support to our efforts). Please click on the button below in order to make a donation to support our cause. Anyone who donates $20 or more will receive a copy of the ebook sent to their email address. 

What is the price of the e-book ?
The cost of the e-book is $20.
100% of our e-book sales go to the operational costs of running Agrotonomy where we donate 90% of our production to low-income families.
Poverty-stricken individuals needing food donations are usually given canned food (since over 99% of all foods donated to charities are canned foods).  We are the green option! By donating fresh nutritious greens to underprivileged families, we know that we are making a difference!  When buying our e-book, you are making a difference!
Aside from our food donation program, a portion of the sales of the e-book is being allocated for “research”.  At Agrotonomy, we collect seeds from  Europe, Asia, Africa, South & North America and Australia to test as many crops as possible (we grow over 150 different varieties of fruits and veggies every year).
In addition to constantly trying out new crops,  we also run numerous comparative tests between aeroponics and conventional soil gardening. Such tests allow us to report objectively on what grows better on the towers versus in the soil and vice versa. We report to you unbiasedly…
We are also continuously testing planting combinations for optimum crop yield and to define crops compatibilities & incompatibilities. When growing multiple crops on a tower, there are crops which conflict with each other and others which can be beneficial to one another…  Furthermore, where crops are planted (meaning which planting sections/pots are being used on the tower can make a big difference above all when a tower features multiple crops growing at the same time….).
This is why aside from the $20 for the e-book, we also accept donations above such amount.
We thank you in advance for your support and generosity.

Will I receive updates?
We intend to publish updates twice per year. Updates will be available free of charge to our customers. Although not mandatory, donations will be accepted  for e-book updates.

Does this e-book contain a section on aeroponic marijuana?
Yes, we address the pros and cons of growing cannabis using an aeroponic tower. We understand that regrettably, marijuana cultivation is still a controversial subject for many.  Although we are strong advocates of marijuana legalization, the cannabis section of our e-book is not meant to influence nor encourage anyone to grow such crop. We are only reporting from a botanical perspective.
Individuals considering our decision to publish such section to be offensive should simply refrain from buying our e-book.

In which format will I receive my e-book?
You will receive your e-book as an encrypted PDF file. We thank you in advance for not sharing it with friends and family and to encourage other tower owners to get their own copy in an effort to support Agrotonomy.

What is the e-book content and how many pages does it have?
Our e-book features 58 pages. We give advice/pros and cons/tips and tricks/does and don’ts regarding the following subjects:
Avoiding DWC (Deep Water Culture)
Edible flowers
Aromatic Herbs
Brussels Sprouts
Pollination Assistance
Cleaning towers/pumps
Electroconductivity a.k.a. EC W

I am experiencing challenges with a certain crop not listed in the e-book. Can I ask Agrotonomy specific questions related to my personal growing experience?

E-book customers are welcome to ask us questions directly by email. Although we will respond for free, donations are welcome (we appreciate as little as $5 per question.).