Indoor vertical strawberry farming might not be suitable for every country.

Considering that NGS’ indoor strawberry farming systems consume 37,500 kW per month (375 m² – 28 tons per year), and 300,000 kW per month (2800 m² – 230 tons per year), the price per kilowatt, depending on countries is an essential factor to consider.

For example, in Singapore, as of May 2022, the price per kWh is almost $0.28. However, a few hours’ drives away, in Malaysia, it only costs $0.05 per kWh!

In Germany, it averages $0.33 per kWh for households and $0.26 for businesses. Although German companies seem to get a discount, at $0.26 per kWh, such an exorbitant rate for electricity might compromise the feasibility of a dual-climate-controlled indoor vertical strawberry farm, 100% powered with led lights.

But in Saudi Arabia, where the price per kWh is $0.04, or in Qatar, where it’s even cheaper at 0.032 per kWh, NGS’ indoor Strawberry vertical farming system is the perfect option. 

In Middle Eastern countries like Saudi Arabia and Qatar, but also the UAE, Bahrain, and Kuwait, most strawberries are imported from Egypt, Europe, and the USA.

 Imported strawberries have oftentimes been harvested too early and taste almost sour and lack juiciness. 

Over 60% of all sugars in a strawberry are released over the last 5 to 7 days before being fully ripe. 

Being a highly perishable item, most strawberries destined for export are harvested way too early to circumvent the time involved with transportation, distribution, and retail. As a result, imported strawberries rarely deliver “the full experience”. 

A strawberry is a non-climacteric fruit: it stops ripening after being harvested. When harvested 7 to 10 days too early to be considered for industry standard, unripe inferior fruits are flooding the markets.

The advantage of an NGS indoor vertical strawberry farm is that it can be located within city limits. This eliminates all transportation and distribution middlemen: strawberries can be harvested and delivered the same day directly to supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, and the end consumer.

This revolutionary indoor hydroponic strawberry farming system allows for harvesting strawberries when they are fully ripe, offering unprecedented quality in terms of taste, sweetness, and juiciness!

When it comes to growing strawberries indoors regardless of location, we offer the best intensive farming solution ever conceived. 

NGS is the inventor of the oscillating hydroponic strawberry farming system that allows to grow up to 300,000 plants per hectare in a greenhouse environment. NGS has set up large strawberry farm projects in over 20 countries. They have been at the forefront of strawberry hydroponic cultivation for 25 years.