Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is aeroponic considered to be hydroponic?

Aeroponic belongs to the family of hydroponic agriculture. Like with hydroponic, aeroponic involves a soil-less environment where plants grow with the help of water mixed with a nutrient solution.

With hydroponic conventional growing methods, the roots of the plants are immersed in the water at all time. However, with aeroponic, the roots of the plant just hang in the air (inside the tower) and are being fed through an overly oxygenated drizzling continous flow of nutrient solution.

Tower Garden® aeroponic technology truly limits the risk of waterborne diseases in comparison to conventional hydroponics. 

Furthermore, with hydroponics, a specific nutrient solution is required for each plant. When farming with Tower Garden® towers, only one nutrient solution is necessary for all the plants. In fact, on the same tower, you could have basil, parsley, cilantro, eggplants, courgettes… all growing at the same time, all fed with the same nutrient solution!

2. How much power is required?

Tower Garden® Towers are equipped with a low wattage submersible pump (45 watts only). The operational cost will vary depending on the rates of the power company within each geographical market. On average, it will cost about 1 euro per month/per tower

3. Does Agrotonomy support conventional organic farming?

We fully support local organic farming. Even mass produced organic farming is a better option since it guarantees that no pesticides nor GMOs are being used. At Agrotonomy, originally, we do come from a conventional organic farming background and this is why when caring for our fruit orchard or when growing tuber vegetables, we do it the organic way. 

However, by farming with Tower Garden® Towers, we go one notch further by supporting an  agricultural eco-solution which addresses the issues of water savings and  space constraints, while delivering a  better crop yield and superior nutrients!! From residential applications to large commercial operations, Tower Garden®  has now an extensive portfolio of successful farms and we, at Agrotonomy,  consider it to be an honor to be part of this agricultural revolution! 

4. Is Tower Garden vertical aeroponic farming considered organic/bio?

When it comes to organic farming, fertilizers must originate from a plant or an animal base. In the world of hydroponics and aeroponics, we use minerals dissolved in water as a source of nutrients. In fact, if we were to use a plant or an animal base fertilizer, it would just float around the water and start rotting.

In all cases, plants need 16 major macro and trace elements in order to grow healthy. Whether those come from earth minerals or from minerals found in plant compost or in animal manure, it is irrelevant.

Also, by definition, ‘organic’ refers to carbon-based or living matter which only encompasses plants & animals. Although natural, earth minerals can therefore not be classified as organic.

When it comes to Tower Garden technology, our farming approach is as natural and 100% pesticide free as in organic farming. 

We invite you to visit our Beyond Organic section where we outline the benefits of Tower Garden vertical aeroponic farming versus conventional soil-based farming. 

5. How much space needs to be allocated for a set up involving multiple towers?

There are many variables involved when considering space allowance. It is obvious that a tower used to grow crawling plants (such as courgettes, melons etc.) needs more vital space than a tower dedicated to greens (lettuce, kale, herbs etc.). In general, whether a Tower Garden aeroponic system is located on a patio, in a garden or in a greenhouse, we advise to allow 2 m² (approximately 20 ft.²) per tower: this includes Towers, dosing station, aisle spacing, and propagation bench.

6. Aside from its unique look, what differentiates Tower Garden from other vertical aeroponic and hydroponic systems?

Tower Garden is the only vertical farming technology which can be used outdoors with the ability to sustain high winds and storm conditions even when towers are loaded with full-grown vegetables.

Tower Garden features a unique patented technology which creates an unprecedented and unequaled level of oxygenation for optimum nutrient delivery allowing faster growth & superior crop yields.

Tower Garden is the only aeroponic tower technology featuring over a decade of successful commercial farming (including large-scale farms featuring several acres of greenhouses hosting thousands of towers: please visit our sample farm section).

Tower Garden is the only company  publishing the results of a scientific research (partially funded by the US Department of Agriculture) proving that Tower Garden fruits and vegetables are superior in nutrients. We publish an extensive laboratory comparative study under our beyond organic section. We do not advocate to be the best: we  just happen to have the scientific data to prove it!

Tower Garden’s proprietary nutrient solution is absolutely unique: only one nutrient mix does it all! Tower Garden uses the same 100% natural mineral mix to grow giant tomato plants, nutrient-dense leafy greens and herbs as well as bountiful and very potent cannabis plants. As a result, vegetables,herbs, fruit flowers and even cannabis can all grow and thrive on the same tower at the same time: only Tower Garden technology allows such leverage.

Tower Garden is the only aeroponic technology which can deliver up to 1.5 kg of cannabis per tower and per harvest (referring to 1.5 kg of trimmed and cured buds). 

7. Where can I buy Tower Garden in the UK?

Agrotonomy is a distributor of Tower Garden for the USA, Canada, and for all European countries. Aside from selling Tower Garden in England, Wales and Scotland, we organize weekly Tower Garden workshops in Ibiza from May to September.

8. Does Agrotonomy take care of the Tower Garden installation?

Your Tower Garden farm will come with easy-to-follow and straightforward instructions. You do not need to have any special knowledge to assemble the equipment. However, should you feel more comfortable having us setting up your farm, you can contract us to take care of the installation of your aeroponic Tower Garden system and who will come to your location to do the work accordingly. Alternatively, you may come to visit our farm in Ibiza to take a look at our set up which will undoubtedly show you how to do it yourself.

9. Does Agrotonomy provide farming advice?

Your Tower Garden equipment will come along with a user manual giving extensive information from the seedling process to various trouble shooting scenarios. However, we are always available to share our farming experience and advice with our customers. Agrotonomy was the first aeroponic farm using Tower Garden technology in Europe and we put our expertise of the disposal of our clientele.

10. Do we stock spare parts in Europe?

Yes, all Tower Garden related spare parts are now stocked in Europe.

11. What is the difference between a residential and a commercial Tower Garden?

A Tower Garden for the residential market can accommodate 20 plants (28 plants with an extension) while the commercial tower is modular in size and can be used to grow up to 52 plants.

Since the commercial Tower Garden is taller, its pump is slightly more powerful than the one used for the residential model. Furthermore, commercial models feature an auto fill valve, and a drain valve.

12. What are the differences between the nutrients designed for a residential Tower Garden, and the nutrients which we use for a commercial/professional set up?

Only the packaging is different! In other words, we use the same mineral soluble solution for residential and commercial Tower Garden aeroponic systems. 

With Tower Garden, the residential market benefits from using the same cutting-edge nutrition mix which was originally designed for the professional sector. 

13. Can I buy just one or two commercial Towers (52 ports) ?

Commercial aeroponic systems are only available with a minimum purchase of 10 towers and are sold by increments of 10 units (10, 20, 30, 40 etc.). 

14. What is the crop yield from a Tower Garden farm?

Tower Garden’s headquarters report the following: Yield varies in any growing system by crop, weather, seeding rate, and other factors. In good growing conditions, lettuce, herbs, and leafy greens will have an average yield of 3-6 ounces per port per 21-28 day growing cycle. Yield for fruiting vegetables like cucumbers and tomatoes depends on the variety and season.

15. How much electricity does a commercial Tower Garden use?

The commercial pumps are rated at 58 watts per hour, and a normal timer setting is 3 minutes on and 12 minutes off, so that is 4.8 hours per day of run time.  So, 58w x 4.8 hrs = 278 watts per day per Tower multiplied by your local electricity rates.

16. How much labor does it take to run a farm?

Tower Garden’s headquarters report the following: One full time worker can easily manage seeding, harvesting, and maintenance up to 50 Towers. For large farms, budget one full time worker for every 75-100 Towers, plus a manager and owner/operator.

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