Agrotonomy is proud to be working on a project involving the first Tower Farm in the Philippines using Tower Garden technology.

It is now official! We are currently in the process of shipping a full 40-foot container load to the Philippines. This represents a fully automated Tower Farm featuring 150 towers (13 pots – 52 plants per tower).

The fact that it is the first true Tower Farm in Asia is exciting but it is not the highlight of our enthusiasm regarding this project:

This Tower Farm in the Philippines will be strictly growing flowers aiming at feeding a bee farm!

As we prove it extensively in a scientific comparative study (published under to “beyond organic” section of our website), crops grown on a Tower Garden feature an average nutrient density increase of 35% to 60% in comparison to crops grown organically in the soil. The same applies to the quality of the pollen collected on flowers growing aeroponically on a Tower Garden.

tAgrotonomy is fully committed to this upcoming project and we will be involved in every step of development… the first true Tower Farm is coming up to Southeast Asia. More than a Tower Farm, with its 150 aeroponic towers full of flowers, it will be the most spectacular and colorful Tower Farm in the world!

A Flower Tower Farm to feed the bees: now this is farming 4.0 used for a truly meaningful purpose!