Recently, we published an article on our blog titled “Crazy facts about the Netherlands“. In this article, we paid a tribute of respect to the Netherlands for being the second biggest agricultural exporter in the world in spite of its tiny landmass!

However, although The Netherlands is the second biggest agricultural exporter in the world (largely due to machinery and agricultural IT/tech for precision farming), it is not a leader in agricultural production.

The 10 largest agricultural producers in the world are China, USA, Brazil, India, Russia, France, Mexico, Japan, Germany, and Turkey.

 The largest agricultural producer in Europe is France which supplies close to 25% of agricultural goods to 15 countries of the EU.

France is also the largest European exporter of agricultural goods to the USA.

France allocates 52% of its landmass for agricultural purposes. However, the farmland in France has been heavily polluted over the years like everywhere else in Europe. Although organic farming is on the rise, it will take several generations of conscious agricultural practices before being able to enjoy healthy soil conditions.

When it comes to agriculture, France is a forward-thinking country and this is why we are witnessing not only an increase in organic farming but also in agriculture 4.0, as well as in urban farming and vertical farming.

In 2020, through strategic partnerships, Agrotonomy will have set up multiple Tower Farms in France.

We strongly believe that our fully automated aeroponic Tower Farm systems (using Tower Garden technology) have a strong potential in France because of the ” French farming culture” as European leaders in agricultural production.

Tower Garden for home-use is currently available in France. Please click here for more information: