On the 1st and 2nd of April, we exhibited at the GFIA tradeshow in Abu Dhabi promoting commercial aeroponic Tower Farm systems (by Tower Garden®).

At first, we thought that it was going to be less busy of an event than the AgraME in Dubai. Contrary to Dubai where we got slammed right from the start by a crowd of prospective customers, the first hour at the GFIA in Abu Dhabi was quiet in comparison. However, over the second hour, our booth got very busy. Busy to the extent that people were waiting in line to speak with us. From the minute it started to get busy, it was nonstop until closing the next day.

Contrary to the AgraME tradeshow in Dubai which lasts 3 days, the GFIA takes place for 2 days only. Although shorter time frame, we are talking about 2 days of qualified visitors flocking to a venue which we now consider to be complementary to the tradeshow in Dubai.

To our great surprise, the GFIA in Abu Dhabi produced a whole new pool of potential customers. Many sales leads at the GFIA were from individuals who did not visit the AgraME in Dubai.

We would like to thank especially the entire team of the GFIA and specifically Mr. Aleksandar Siljanoski for his exceptional organizer’s skills.

From Abu Dhabi to Al Ain, from Ajman to Fujaira, and from Dubai to Ras Al Khaimah, we would like express our gratitude to the Emiratis in acknowledgment for the exceptional hospitality which we received during our 2 stays in the UAE in March and in April 2019.

It is truly a pleasure for us to be part of redefining the agricultural paradigm of the UAE by implementing autonomous precision farming solutions. We will come back in 2020 to exhibit at the GFIA in Abu Dhabi!

Thank you to the people of Abu Dhabi for welcoming Tower Garden’s aeroponic Tower Farm technology with so much enthusiasm!