Cucumbers are fruits by definition (like tomatoes, eggplants, zucchinis, etc.) since they develop from the flower of the cucumber plant and they do contain seeds….

Cucumber is the perfect crop for novice growers to start with as it is very easy to grow on a Tower Garden.

Cucumber seedlings can be planted at the bottom of the tower to let the vine crawl on the ground. We advise against such a method as we prefer to grow our cucumbers vertically and off the ground. In fact, allowing your cucumber plants to crawl on the ground will increase the chances of diseases and pests (aphids, spider mites, cucumber beetles, powdery mildew, botrytis, bacterial wilt etc.).

Although easy to grow, cucumbers are prone to various diseases requiring continuous attention & maintenance. In fact, we recommend pruning your plants picking off leaves showing signs of infection. Ongoing pruning is also recommended to improve air circulation thus reducing the risks of mildew/fungal related diseases.

We advise to let cucumbers grow on an outside structure (grow cage/ trellis etc.) thus preventing the vines to overwhelm the rest of the tower. You can cut the vine when you deem that it has grown long enough…. it will allow the vine to branch out at the level of the nodes and increase the yield.

All varieties of cucumbers grow well on a Tower Garden but require growth + disease & pest control on an ongoing basis.

At Agrotonomy, we grow all kind of cucumbers whether for salads, pickling or juicing. In fact, aside from being deliciously thirst quenching, we invite you to Google the benefits of juicing cucumbers… it’s absolutely amazing!

This year, we grew lemon cucumbers and cucamelons for fun! Once again, cucumbers come in many shapes, colors and tastes!

Growing cucumbers on a Tower Garden is easy and rewarding.

We recommend that you select cucumber varieties preferably adapted to your climate (speak to your seed provider).