Like arugula, mustard greens are related to the Brassicaceae/Cruciferous family.

Mustard greens come in different shapes and give generous harvests.

Mustard greens have a surprisingly complex tangy taste while revealing true mustard flavors, Dijon-style!

There is no restriction as per which planting ports can be used when growing mustard greens. However, when growing varieties featuring full leaves such as Green Wave or Red Giant, it is preferable to use the lower half of the tower due to the size of the leaves.

Mustard greens varieties featuring serrated leaves such as Golden Frills or Ruby Streaks can be planted anywhere on the tower (including on top of the tower) since their foliage does not obstruct other crops. Furthermore, serrated foliage does not give much when resistance when grown outdoors.

Mustard greens can be harvested every 3 to 6 weeks depending on varieties.

Plants can be harvested by being pulled out of the tower along with the roots, or just by plucking individual leaves. When harvesting individual leaves, we recommend to pick the outer larger leaves and to leave enough leaves (3 to 5) in the center to promote regrowth. Contrary to arugula (its cousin), second-generation mustard greens are equivalent to the first harvest in terms of taste and texture. Mustard greens will keep on growing leaves on an ongoing basis for about four weeks.

Mustard greens are cool climate crops that do not grow well above 25°C/ 80°F.

Mustard greens have received bad press in the past because it is a crop which contains erucic acid.

Erucic acid can only be toxic to the human body when ingested in large quantities regularly. The only tests showing the negative effects of erucic acid were conducted on rats and other animals.

Mustard greens grow perfectly well along with arugula planted on the same tower.

Mustard greens are packed with calcium, magnesium, folic acid, and vitamin K: we strongly advise you to include mustard greens of all kinds in your culinary repertoire!!

Check out this video which shows 1 month growth on a Tower Garden. In this video you will see 2 types of mustard greens thriving on the Tower Garden: