When growing pole bean varieties on a Tower Garden®, the use of a support-cage or trellis/grow-teepee is required to allow the vines to grow properly.

Pole beans include our favorites i.e. French green beans (haricots verts), Asian yard long beans, most purple beans, but also most beans that are dried such as kidney beans, pinto beans belong to the pole bean family.

When growing green beans on the Tower Garden®, or any other pole bean variety, the only way to optimize crop yield relies on the outside structure. This is why we like to use a grow cage for support enhanced with crisscrossed kitchen twine giving support for the tendrils.

For pole beans such as haricots verts, we advise planting seedlings in every other pot only… Using every planting section of the tower will result in a “jungle” of leaves counterproductively overshadowing the beans and this is why we prefer to leave empty sections (i.e. planting seedlings in pots #1, #3, and #5.).

Do not overplant also because bean plants grow large root systems and if several plants compete for root space in the same planting section, it will affect the crop yield, and weaken the plants making them prone to pests and diseases.

Beans give a generous crop yield on aeroponic towers but the vines tend to grow overwhelmingly: this is why we advise doing monoculture when growing pole beans aeroponically on a tower.

Pole bean varieties usually have a longer production season than bush beans. Pole bean varieties give continuous ongoing harvests (pole beans can be picked and consumed in several increments as they keep on growing versus bush bean varieties that produce beans that are generally all ready at the same time which can be overwhelming).

Although bush bean varieties do not need the use of a growcage/teepee/trellis/stakes, they can grow in bushes ranging from 30 cm to almost 1 m (1 to 3 feet) and will obstruct the ability to use quite a few planting ports on the tower.

Regardless of varieties, we strongly recommend growing beans using Tower Garden® technology.

When growing beans on a Tower Garden®, use a grow cage for support enhanced with crisscrossed kitchen twine giving support for the tendrils.

At our outdoor Tower Farm in Ibiza Spain, we have recently designed a crop–growing-structure for vegetables which grow vines such as beans and cucurbits. We have always felt that beans should be not only grown on Tower Garden® units for home-use but also grown in a fully automated commercial aeroponic Tower Farm.
In the agriculture 4.0 world, on a commercial level, Tower Garden® technology is mainly known for its unparalleled ability to grow leafy greens and herbs.

We want to change that by proving to the world that growing beans commercially on an aeroponic tower is one of the most viable solutions in terms of crop yield, nutrient density, and pest-free option.

Considering that the Tower Garden® for home-use is built with the same tower components as the towers used in a commercial Tower Farm, and because the same nutrients are used for the commercial and residential markets, you can expect the same professional results right in the comfort of your home!

The time has come to grow some protein-dense crops on your tower: grow beans (with a planting strategy), all kinds of beans!