Growing cauliflowers on a Tower Garden is time-consuming and space demanding. Cauliflowers are more difficult to grow than cabbages as they can show unpredictable disappointing results including underdeveloped heads and/or poor curd quality.

We advise you to grow cauliflowers aeroponically from a ‘gardening experience’ perspective only. They are truly beautiful plants: Cauliflowers look spectacular with their oversized outer leaves which contrast elegantly with the white edible part in the center. You will love the growing process from a botany standpoint!

However, when growing cauliflowers on aeroponic towers, we did find the following disadvantages:

  • Low crop yield

  • Invasive crop: due to their size and weight, although cauliflowers must be planted on the lower tower sections, their leaves grow generously overshadowing at least a couple planting pots/sections aside from the one in which they are planted.  This is why we do not advise to plant anything on the pot/growing sections located right above where the cauliflowers are growing.
  • Cauliflowers take a long time to grow and therefore we recommend ongoing meticulous “root management” efforts. The roots will tend to grow down restlessly towards the nutrient reservoir. Do not let the roots grow into the reservoir and create a DWC* situation (Ref: DWC / Deep Water Culture).

Please note: There is an early variety of mini cauliflowers by the name of “cauliflower igloo” which is more adapted to a Tower Garden than its counterpart featuring a regular size.

Although we vigorously advocate a grow-to-eat philosophy, we advise you (for experience sake) to ‘forget purposely’ to harvest your cauliflowers and let them overgrow: they will turn into beautiful intricate massive ornamental trippy-looking plants!

Purple cauliflower growing on a Tower Garden®

Video: Harvesting aeroponic cauliflower on a Tower Garden®

Cauliflowers grown on a Tower Garden® aeroponic system taste so good and have a wonderful texture….. they do not ‘sweat’ like their counterparts found in supermarkets when making a raw cauliflower couscous! Healthy and yummy! Welcome to Agrotonomy Tower Farms.