Collard greens like its cousins the cabbage and broccoli are by every means a superfood!

Although purpose of this publication is not to advocate the health benefits of such or such crop, let’s say that it is a pleasure to grow and cook such a tasty, versatile and healthy vegetable.

Collard is basically a looseleaf cabbage which is also fairly invasive when grown on the tower garden. Aside from obstructing quite a few planting ports, collard greens grow into massive plants that can destabilize the balance of your tower. This is why we are advise to only use the bottom planting ports of the 2 bottom sections only.

It is advisable to plant collard greens on each opposite side of the planting section for weight balance.

Collards greens prefer cooler climates (although it still will grow throughout the heat of the summer but will not taste as good). For those located in hot weather climate, it is recommended to grow collard greens in the spring and in the fall (winter is okay if temperatures below freezing).

Despite their invasive size, we love to grow collard greens to make vegetable rolls!

Enjoy the recipe video below and bon appétit!