Growing green onions has become significantly more convenient with this innovate agricultural method, enabling you to cultivate up to 260 green onions per square meter without the requirement of soil. In the video featured on this article, we will showcase our technique for propagating soil-free green onions using an aeroponic tower.

The process starts by soaking agricultural rockwool in water for 20 minutes until it is completely saturated. Rockwool is a substrate made from basaltic rock that originates from volcanos. This substrate is a popular choice in hydroponics and aeroponics.

Once the rockwool has soaked, we insert 5 green onion seeds into each hole on the tray. There are 98 holes in total. It’s crucial to note that exceeding the recommended 5 seeds per hole will result in overcrowding and reduced yields.

When the holes have been filled with 5 seeds each, the subsequent step involves topping each hole with vermiculite, which is a naturally occurring mineral that is exceptionally suited for the germination process due to its ideal water to air ratio.

Next we label our tray which allows you to distinguish the seedlings from one another after they’ve germinated.

Lastly when growing green outdoors, we water the seedlings twice daily for optimal results. Within a few weeks for, the seeds will have undergone germination and the seedlings will be primed for transplantation onto the aeroponic tower.

Green onions grown on an aeroponic tower requires about 50 days before it can be harvested.

Whether cultivated in a commercial Tower Farm, or whether grown on a Tower Garden home or  on a Tower Garden flex for domestic use, green onions thrive on our aeroponic towers.