Habanero pepper is a very hot variety that averages 350,000 on the Scoville scale. To put this into perspective, the habanero pepper is 100 times spicier than the jalapeño pepper.

When unripe, habaneros are green. Their color turns yellow, orange, or red, as they ripen.

They feature high levels of capsaicin and capsaicinoid antioxidants and other functional plant-based components such as flavonoids and carotenoids.

In the family of habanero peppers, the red Savina is the hottest…

In our various Tower farms around the world, we have grown all types of hot chili peppers successfully, including habanero peppers.

The habanero pepper plant grows into a big bush  (almost looks like a mini tree!), and this is why we advise growing such a crop using the lower sections of the tower. The use of a grow cage to support the weight of the plants is highly recommended.

When growing habanero peppers on an aeroponic tower using the proper nutrients (in our case, we use the 100% ionic soluble nutrient solution for commercial Tower Farms manufactured by Tower Garden), you can expect extremely generous harvests. 

The habanero peppers grown in a Tower Garden are not only super spicy, but they are also surprisingly sweet and fruity. 

Tower Garden Technology is ideally suited to grow habanero peppers and any other variety of chili peppers for that matter. 

However, considering the size of the plants, it is not recommended to grow habanero peppers indoors in a Tower Garden for home-use equipped with the Tower Garden led light kit. 

Please enjoy the Instagram reels below which we published in 2022…  In these short videos, you will see how well habanero peppers grow on a Tower Farm using Tower Garden technology.