Kangkong, also known as water spinach, grows abundantly using Tower Garden’s aeroponic technology.

Like when growing arugula, also known as rocket because of how fast it grows, water spinach is also a fast-growing crop. More than just a fast-growing crop, Kangkong also sprouts very quickly. From seed to seedling and from seedling to mature harvestable plant, each growing step goes fast, and crop yields are through the roof!

Kangkong is a semi-aquatic plant ideally suited for aeroponic cultivation in a commercial Tower Farm or domestic use when grown on a Tower Garden.

Kangkong will give generous harvests and keep growing for weeks at a time.

It is prevalent in Asia: from Thailand to Cambodia, from Vietnam to the Philippines, from Indonesia to Burma, and in many other countries, water spinach is consumed on a large scale.

In the US, in most states, it has been classified as an invasive plant species (which we think is ludicrous).

Of course, being a crop native to Southeast Asia, Kangkong loves hot weather.

We love to grow Kangkong! We love to harvest Kangkong! We love to eat Kangkong, and we love to repeat the process!

Whether you run a commercial tower farm or have a Tower Garden for the residential market if you can find the seeds, we strongly recommend experimenting with growing kangkong: it will become your favorite crop when cooking stir-fries!