Kohlrabi is another cultivar of the Brassica family such as kale, cabbage, collard greens, savoy cabbage, and broccoli.

Like all its cousins, Kohlrabi can be considered as a superfood (as long as it is eaten raw) as it is packed with nutrients and antioxidants!

Surprisingly enough, although it is generally considered as a “winter vegetable”, Kohlrabi which is also referred to as German turnip, can thrive at temperature up to 25°.

Kohlrabi grows best in cooler climates and should not be grown at the peak of summer heat (when too hot, the Kohlrabi plants become elongated and give miss-formed crops).

Purple Kohlrabi growing on an aeroponic Tower Garden®

Although it looks spectacular when growing Kohlrabi in the 4 upper planting ports of the tower, we advise against doing so since the weight of the crop can destabilize the tower in windy conditions. In fact, aside from giving a generous crop yield, Kohlrabi also produces large leaves which increase the will impact in stormy conditions. Kohlrabi cannot be grown in the microgreens attachment.
We advise planting only 1 or 2 seeds maximum per rockwool cube. All four planting ports of a tower section can be used at the same time to grow Kohlrabi. Kohlrabi comes in a green and purple variety. When reaching maturity, Kohlrabi is spectacular with its incongruous ‘look’ when grown on a Tower Garden®!

We highly recommend growing Kohlrabi and eating it raw instead of cooking it. Kohlrabi just needs to be peeled and either grated or sliced finely using a mandolin.

It has the crunchy texture of radish with an omnipresent pallet reminder of cabbage flavor. We love to grow & eat Kohlrabi!