We have taken a leap forward by adopting advanced vertical farming techniques, using aeroponic towers to cultivate marigolds, a truly delightful flower variety known for being edible.
There are two fundamental reasons why we implemented such planting strategy, each playing a crucial role in our farming practices. Firstly, these vibrant flowers act as irresistible magnets, attracting a diverse range of pollinators, including ladybugs. As these friendly insects go about their business, they also help us lessen the threat of aphids by feasting on them, providing a natural form of pest control. Secondly, we strategically grow these marigolds as companion plants alongside our other crops. Their strong scent serves as a natural deterrent, effectively keeping away unwanted pests like cabbage worms, mosquitoes, and aphids.

Aside from their practical benefits, marigolds make our farm incredibly beautiful, decorating the landscape with their vibrant hues. We take great pleasure in cultivating marigold flowers in various colors and sizes. We have a particular fondness in nurturing giant yellow marigolds, often referred to as African marigolds, as well as the smaller, bushier, and more compact French marigold variety. By regularly pruning the flowers, we are able to stimulate the plant to bloom continuously, achieving a second growth of vibrant blossoms.

One of the remarkable qualities of marigolds lies in their extensive blooming season, extending from the arrival of spring to fall. This prolonged period ensures an uninterrupted showcase of natural elegance, bestowing our farm with an ever-present touch of beauty. Moreover, this blooming season proves to be exceptionally beneficial as it attracts a lot of beneficial insects, transforming our farm into a haven of biodiversity.

At Agrotonomy Tower Farms, the cultivation of French marigolds stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to sustainable and environmentally-conscious farming practices. By using innovative ways to grow plants aeroponically, we can make the most of these flowers and make our farm look beautiful and maintain ecological balance.

The beautiful colors, delightful scent, and ecological benefits of marigolds are an important part of how we farm. They make our farmers happy and our visitors enjoy their time here.
In the video below, you will get a glimpse of the exquisite French marigolds: