Harvests rotations for leafy greens & herbs (True Garden’s bestsellers).

Unless you have done so already, we advise you to read an article previously published on our blog titled: Growing leafy greens and herbs in a commercial Tower Farm.

We have been asked by lots of our blog readers & prospective customers which were our best sellers, and how long it took these crops to grow on the towers before harvest.

Tower Garden Cash Crops

Top 15 crops – 21-26 days in the tower before harvest.

1. Bibb (Rex) Lettuce
2. Muir Lettuce
3. Romaine Lettuce
4. Basil Nufar
5. Kale Toscano
6. Cherokee Lettuce
7. Magenta Lettuce
8. Arugula
9. Tropicana Lettuce
10. Spinach – 45 days
11. Cilantro – 35 days
12. Chives
13. Swiss chard
14. Red Vein Sorrel – 45 days
15. All Herbs – 45 days (but get harvested/fresh-cut every 21 to 26 days as described below)

– Fresh cut the following crops in 4 to 6 ounces per bag ( every 21 days on average):

16. Dill
17. Fennel
18. Parsley
20. Oregano
21. Rosemary
22. Thyme

In other terms, we harvest fully grown vegetables along with the roots (1 through 15) every 21 to 26 days.

However, the root system of the herbs which are being fresh-cut are left on the towers. The plants grow back and will give 3 harvests at least before having to pull the roots out of the tower and replace the whole plant with a new seedling.

In other terms, crops gets harvested every 21 to 26 days depending on varieties.

When it comes to leafy greens and aromatic herbs, our technology is unparalleled in terms of crop yield, water saving, space-saving, nutrient density and flavonoid contents. We do not advocate that we grow better greens as a commercial slogan, but rather, we prove it through an extensive comparative scientific study published on our website.

With our aeroponic towers, leafy greens and aromatic herbs grow faster and healthier than with any other technology: it’s a proven fact, science doesn’t lie!

Bibb (Rex) Lettuce growing on a Tower Garden. 52 heads of lettuce per square meter.
Muir Lettuce growing on a Tower Garden. 52 heads of lettuce per square meter.
Basil growing on a Tower Garden. 52 bunches of basil per square meter.