At the bottom of the tower, there is a reservoir which is filled with water mixed with a soluble all-natural ionic mineral solution.

A low wattage submersible pump is placed inside on the bottom of the reservoir to blast the nutrient solution through the center of the growing pots, all the way to the top of the tower.

When the nutrient solution reaches the top, it is then funneled through a special device allowing droplets of nutrient solution to drizzle down inside the tower massaging the roots of the plants gently. As the liquid mixture is being showered down to feed the roots of the plants, our proprietary mineral solution gets oxygenated through gravity, thus creating unprecedented favorable conditions for nutrient absorption.

Tower Garden uses a proprietary ionic mineral solution. Contrary to regular hydroponics where a special mineral solution is required for each type of crop, with Tower Garden, one solution does it all whether growing cabbages, strawberries or cannabis! Tower Garden ltd. goes through rigorous standards to meet California Washington Oregon (the strictest US States) heavy metal standards for fertilizers.

Unlike most of all commercial fertilizers and all commercial hydroponic fertilizer blends, Tower Garden does not add fillers, dyes, and binding agents. They simply blend raw pure mineral salts and all trace minerals required to grow healthy plants.

The pump is regulated by a timer which is on for 15 minutes and off for 45 minutes 24/7 for residential models for personal use; however, the pump is on for 3 minutes and off for 12 minutes 24/7 on commercial aeroponic systems for Tower Farms. It is, therefore, pumping nutrients to the top of the tower 15 minutes per hour for a Tower Garden for personal use and only 12 minutes per hour ( 3 minutes X 4 per hour) for a Tower Farm.

Contrary to hydroponics and DWC systems where the roots are immersed in an aerated nutrient solution, with a Tower Garden aeroponic system, the roots are just hanging in the air… In fact, the inside of the tower is hollow!

Tower Garden manufacturers a model for personal-use which can grow up to 20 plants. It can be equipped with a state-of-the-art LED light grow kit allowing to grow crops indoors.

Tower Garden commercial models for Tower Farms can accommodate up to 52 plants per tower. Tower Farms are equipped with an automated irrigation system supplying water and nutrients to each tower on an as-needed basis.

The water and nutrients need to be added manually with the Tower Garden for personal-use.

A Tower Garden can be equipped with a micro-green attachment (US only or through Agrotonomy in Europe.).

In continental climate areas featuring cold winters,  a Tower Garden can be used outside from spring to fall and brought inside using the LED light grow kit during the winter months…. the LED light grow kit is expandable to accommodate the growth of the plants. A submersible heater can be used to raise the temperature of the water to prolongate  the growing season into late fall.

We advise you to visit the ‘beyond organic‘ section of our website where we publish a scientific comparative study for crop yield and nutrient density.  Tower Garden ltd. has scientifically tested and compared over 160 different crops grown on our towers against the best equivalent produce resulting organic farming (soil-based). The results are staggering!  Tower Garden crop yield is 35 to 50% superior to  soil-based organic farming. In all cases, we have an average ranging from 30% to 65% nutrient density increase.  Tower Garden vegetables are better…much better: this is not an advertising slogan, but something that we prove scientifically!

With Tower Garden, due to its automation, everyone has a green thumb!

It is an incredibly versatile food growing system which can be scaled from a large commercial Tower Farm down to a few towers for educational centers, offices, hospitals and clinics,  building lobbies, or just one tower for personal use!

It is the most nutrient-dense eco-friendly solution: 95% water savings,  90% space savings, 100% beyond organic!

Time has come for the world to regain individual food growing autonomy and break the industrial poisonous food chain which is imposed currently on the general public!