When growing fruit and vegetables in a Tower Garden, each plant has a different growing cycle.

On average, leafy greens such as lettuce can be ready in four weeks. However, varieties such as Lolla Rossa may take up to six weeks.

Other leafy greens such as kale orchards will take up to six weeks to be ready.

However, “How long does it take plants to grow in Tower Garden?” is very subjective to when the plant is being harvested. For example, spinach will be ready in about six weeks and can be harvested either as a whole plant or just as she leaves at the time. When just harvesting the leaves that are mature and leaving the plant on the tower, you can expect such a plant to give new leaves on an ongoing basis for about 6 to 8 weeks (depending on the variety of the crop).

When it comes to fruiting vegetables, the time for the crop to be ready for harvest varies not only depending on which crop we are talking about but also, which variety. With tomatoes, for example, there are two types: Determinate and indeterminate… With determinate tomatoes, the plant will stop growing at one point and all tomatoes will be ready simultaneously. When planting indeterminate tomatoes, the plant will keep on growing for the duration of its life and will give fruits on an ongoing basis until the end.

Once again, the duration involved in a growing cycle goes beyond whether we are talking about tomatoes, cucumbers, or lettuce, but rather what type of tomatoes we are talking about, what type of cucumbers, etc.

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Timelapse of various of crops grown on aeroponic towers

4 weeks timelapse of oak-leaf lettuce on aeroponic tower