“How much electricity does a Tower Garden use?” is a question that many potential customers have prior to purchasing an aeroponic tower by Tower Garden.

Tower Garden is known to save 95% water in comparison to conventional vegetable gardening, 90% space, but it is important to speak about the very little energy footprint required to operate a Tower Garden.

Basically, the math is as follows

– 35 watts per pump x 4 hours per day (10 minutes on per hour) = 140 watts = 0.14 Kwh

At the rate of $0.15 per kWh, we are talking about approximately $1 per month (or less).

However, when using the LED light kit, it significantly increases electrical consumption:

– 120 watts × 14 hours per day = 1680 watts = 1.68 kWh

Using the rate of $0.15 per kWh, the cost of operating the LED light kit for Tower Garden would amount to slightly more than $5 per month.

When using the Tower Garden for the residential market, considering that up to 32 plants per month can be harvested, the cost of electricity is pretty insignificant.

When benchmarking how much electricity does a Tower Garden use, from and off-the-grid consideration, it can easily operate from a battery charged with a solar panel or a wind turbine.

Because of the low electrical cost to run a Tower Garden, every family should have several units growing fruits and vegetables of all time!

We love to think Tower Garden saves on water, space, and energy while delivering professional crop yields and nutrient density results, growing quality food in the comfort of people’s homes.