Brassica vegetables a.k.a cruciferous grow abundantly and effortlessly on a vertical aeroponic system using Tower Garden technology.

We invite you to watch the video below which was shot last week in Ibiza, Spain (outdoor Tower Farm operating 12 months out of a year).

Although crops such as cabbage, romanesco, broccoli, collard greens, and kohlrabi grow prolifically on a Tower Garden, we do not advise to grow such vegetables commercially. In fact, the outer bottom leaves’ growth prevents the use of all planting ports. In other words, when growing ‘heavy brassica’ crops, only half (or less) of the planting ports can be used. Furthermore, it takes about 60 days or longer for a cabbage to be ready for harvest.

A better strategy would be to grow leafy greens (i.e. arugula, lettuce, etc.) and get 3 harvests using every planting port within the same time frame.

Of course, a small Tower Farm serving the needs of a restaurant or a hotel might consider growing all kinds of cruciferous vegetables: aside from looking spectacular and sometimes incongruous in the case of kohlrabi, brassica crops grown on a Tower Garden are delicious!

However, brassica veggies are not considered ‘cash crops’ (except on arugula) when grown in a commercial Tower Farm which purpose is to make a profit from the crops being harvested.

Nevertheless, Agrotonomy Tower Farms in Ibiza grow all kinds of cruciferous/brassica veggies from Fall to late Spring (including brussel sprouts!)

Although we do not recommend cruciferous for commercial purpose, we strongly advise anyone owning a Tower Garden for home-use to experiment growing brassica vegetables.

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