In collaboration with Agrotonomy here comes the first Tower Farm in Barcelona Spain thriving on the 3rd floor (under a glass roof) of an old factory which was renovated with eco-friendly materials only. This is the first true urban Tower Farm in Europe!

A couple of years ago, a French couple residing in Spain decided to renovate a factory in the center of Barcelona.

It was a very ambitious project which required redoing the entire infrastructure including building a large glass roof between two buildings creating an atrium in the center.

They also offer office rentals and they feature a whole section rented out by alternative medicine practitioners, massage therapists etc.

All the way on top, under the glass roof which was built to create an atrium in the center between the buildings, their Tower Farm is finally a reality….

This project has been developed under the corporate umbrella of Apocapoc BCN SL, a Spanish limited liability company.

The entire renovation had to be LEED certified (LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is the most widely used green building rating system in the world).

Our Tower Farms feature the only technology eligible for LEED certification within our field of industry. This says a lot about the eco-friendliness of our gardening/farming approach. It also speaks volumes about the natural essence and purity of our nutrients formula.

This Tower Farm is the first ever set up in Europe embodying the true character of urban farming at its best.

In fact, not only a Tower Farm saves an average 95% water in comparison to soil farming, but it also allows to save 90% space as well.

Aside from that, in the example of this Tower Farm located in Barcelona downtown, it shows the versatility of a Tower Farm: showcased on the third floor of this dramatic industrial structure, this Barcelona Tower Farm utilizes the full benefits of vertical farming.

Agrotonomy is proud to be involved in such an inspiring urban farm project: we would like to thank Apocapoc BCN SL’s team for their eco-friendly endeavors and recent accomplishments!It is so nice to see this Tower Farm using Tower Garden® technology with greens cascading from one floor down to the next!

Agrotonomy would like to express its gratitude as well to Tower Garden Ltd. for our collaboration allowing Tower Farms to inspire individuals worldwide, one Tower Farm at a time…