The 5 Points Farm in Jacksonville, Florida, has taken a step forward in urban agriculture. Their latest project highlights the establishment of an indoor Tower Farm, featuring 20 aeroponic towers, aiming to redefine farming strategies and increase productivity within limited spaces. By repurposing an existing garage, the farm has transformed into an indoor vertical farm, capable of accommodating over 1000 plants within 30 square meters. This enables them to cultivate 90% more plants than what they can grow in the same amount of space in soil.

The 5 Points Farm urban vertical farm is using LED grow light systems, specifically made to be used with aeroponic towers when growing crops indoors. This is to ensure healthy plant growth and enhance overall yield. Originally designed to be hooked on the ceiling, the LED grow lights have been custom-mounted and strategically positioned by the resourceful owner of the farm.

The primary objective of the 5 Points Farm is to cultivate different lettuce varieties, including Salanova lettuce, known for its crisp texture. Additionally, the farm also grow chard, an equally nutritious leafy green vegetable.

Before being transferred to the aeroponic towers, the seedlings undergo a germination process. With the use of Ebb and Flow seedling racks, the seedlings are irrigated intermittently. This prepares the young plants for transplantation into the aeroponic towers, where they will thrive and reach their full potential.

One of the advantages of indoor farming is having control over environmental factors such as temperature and humidity. By adopting our innovative farming technology, the farm creates an optimal climate for plant growth, ensuring consistent conditions throughout the year.

The innovative vertical farming system used at 5 Points Farm is more than just being productive and making good use of space. It also offers a sustainable solution to address food shortage as the indoor farm provides fresh and healthy greens.

In conclusion, the 5 Points Farm in Jacksonville, Florida is a leading example of innovation in urban agriculture. By using aeroponic towers and LED grow light systems, the farm achieves remarkable productivity within a limited space.

The 5 Points Farm shows that with determination, creativity, and a strong passion for sustainable agriculture, we can create a greener and healthier future for our communities.

The video below features how the leafy greens and aromatic herbs thrived in a just a span of one month: