Tower Garden aeroponic system is totally safe.

Contrary to Chinese and Indian knockoffs which are made of cheap PVC and other toxic plastic derived materials, the Tower Garden is made from the safest high-end UV-stabilized, BPA-free, food-grade PC/ABS proprietary plastic formula.

Tower Garden is so safe to use that it has been approved within LEED (leadership in energy and environmental design) construction projects.

Aside from the tower itself, we advise you to read an article published on our blog titled: Purity of the nutrients used in a Tower Garden and in a Tower Farm.

Furthermore, as proven through an extensive scientific comparative study, aside from being engineered and manufactured with high-end materials, crops grown on a Tower Garden feature a 30 to 45% increase in nutrient density and antioxidant levels in comparison to their counterparts grown organically in the soil.

Between the residential and commercial markets, there are several hundreds of thousands of Tower Gardens being used to grow crops worldwide. Tower Garden technology has a huge track record of being safe which allows to grow superior crops while saving 95% water in comparison to soil farming/gardening.

Whether wishing to buy a single Tower Garden for home- use, or whether you are considering to set up a commercial Tower Farm, by growing fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers with an aeroponic tower, you will contribute to redefine the food supply chain as we know it today. In fact, owning a Tower Garden is making an autonomous eco-friendly lifestyle statement to the world.

Time has come for everyone to grow their own food. Tower Garden aeroponic system has been designed to grow food safely and efficiently reducing water usage, space, labor, pesticides, fungicides while increasing crop yield and the quality of the plants.