At Agrotonomy, we have developed vertical farming projects using Tower Garden and Tower Farm technologies in 32 countries worldwide.

We are so passionate about these food-growing machines that our response may be biased when answering the following question: “Is the Tower Garden worth it?”

Of course, there are ways to calculate the number of crops that can be grown over 6 to 12 months and compare the cost of organic food savings.

Aside from the fact that a Tower Garden will pay itself off quickly, the convenience of having fresh veggies and herbs growing at home is a kitchen enhancer!

More than just bettering the health of families around the world, Tower Garden has become a lifestyle change for many.

Tower Garden also allows saving 95% water in comparison to conventional gardening and farming.

Tower Garden is accessible to children for educational purposes.

Tower Garden is also the perfect food-growing technology for elderlies since they do not have to bend over, spray chemicals, or worry about weeding and tilling.

Of course, our technology is known to save water, nutrients, electricity, and space. It is also famous for being versatile (it can be set up indoors, outdoors, in a greenhouse, on a rooftop, or on a balcony).

However, one of the best perks of Tower Garden is that whether with a tower at home or on a commercial Tower Farm, no previous experience is required growing plants.

A Tower Garden for the domestic market can be used at home for sure (indoors and outdoors), however, they are also being used extensively in schools, universities, offices, retirement centers, restaurants, hotels, and rooftops.