It is official! Agrotonomy is currently in the process of setting up the largest aeroponic Tower Farm in Africa, which will boast 300 towers nestled in a fully climate-controlled greenhouse!

Although the exact location must remain confidential until the launching of the project, we can disclose that this state-of-the-art vertical farm will be set up in Ghana!

We are setting up this project for a visionary team running a nonprofit organization operating between Ghana and Nigeria. The plan is to start with Ghana and, hopefully, set up a similar aeroponic vertical farm in Nigeria in 2024.

Since its inception, Agrotonomy Corporation has been 100% committed to the African continent. Aside from setting up the first aeroponic vertical farms in Africa, we have developed the first Tower Farms, in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Central America, South America, Polynesia, Australia, and many countries of the CARICOM. We also have set up the largest Tower Farm in Canada and developed many commercial Tower Farms in the USA.

When it comes to Africa, the main advantage of our technology resides in the fact that someone does not need to have gardening/farming experience to run a Tower Farm. There is no need for agronomists or horticulturists! We even published an article on our website titled “Tower Farms No Previous Experience Required“.

We are currently working on an even bigger project that we will build in Kenya and Tanzania. Stay tuned for details.