The aeroponic microgreen towers using Tower Garden technology have been officially renamed Baby Greens Towers!

At Agrotonomy Corp., we believe that ‘Baby Greens Towers’ is a name much more appropriate than ‘microgreen towers’. In fact, most Tower Farm operators and Tower Garden aficionados let crops grow a few inches before harvest when using Baby Greens Towers/pot extensions.

These Baby Greens Towers are also very efficient for growing dwarf crop varieties. For example, they are perfectly suited for breen lettuce a.k.a. mini romaine.

Although the Baby Greens Towers have been used very successfully for growing strawberries throughout multiple tests, no commercial crop yield data is available at the present. In fact, from a cash crop perspective, Tower Farmers use Baby Greens Towers to grow specialty leafy greens and aromatic herbs.

When it comes to leafy green and herbs, our technology is unparalleled in terms of crop yield, water savings, and space efficiency. Furthermore, as scientifically proven, our crops feature a superior content of nutrient density and remarkable high flavonoids values. This translates in longer shelf life, better texture, enhanced flavor and smell.

This is why commercial Tower Farm operators worldwide focus mainly on growing leafy greens and aromatic herbs when using the Baby Greens Towers.

The specs of the baby greens towers are as follows:

– 10 Pots (80 planting ports) – 1.4 m high.
– 14 Pots (112 planting ports) – 1.8 m high.
– 18 Pots (144 planting ports) – 2.1 m high.
– 22 Pots (176 planting ports) – 2.5 m high.
– 26 Pots (208 planting ports) – 2.9 m high.

– The bottom reservoir is 36 cm high and measures 73 cm in diameter. Although it has a 70 L capacity, it is filled with 50L when in use. It also features a floater device as part of the irrigation system and a drain valve.
– planting pots are 9.5 cm high, 22 cm in diameter and feature 8 planting areas per pot.
– Each tower is equipped with a 50 W small pump which is turned on 12 minutes per hour only (commercial towers are set on a timer to be turned on for 3 minutes and turned off for 12 minutes on a continuous cycle 24/7)
– The inside of the tower is supported by 2 stainless steel rods.

Considering that a Baby Greens Tower fits in less than 1 m², this aeroponic tower system is by far the most eco-friendly solution to grow baby vegetables and dwarf crop varieties. It is also one of the most viable vertical farming option ever designed: up to 208 plants in less than 1 m²!