Microgreen Towers vs Baby Green Towers vs High-Density Towers

When the microgreen towers were launched a few years ago, we felt that referring to these towers as a microgreen tower was misrepresentative. In fact, these towers are not used to grow microgreens but rather baby greens.

Microgreens are slightly bigger than sprouts but significantly smaller than baby greens. Baby greens are usually 5-10 centimeters (the kind of small leaves bagged as ‘salad mix’).

This is why the microgreen towers by Tower Garden had been renamed ‘baby green towers’. Growing baby greens on these towers (up to 196 planting ports per tower) is what this tower was designed to do.

For some unknown reasons, recently, the manufacturer announced that the baby green towers have now been renamed ‘high-density towers’.

By far, we preferred baby green towers over high-density towers. In fact, baby green towers really told the story of what these towers do. On the other hand, high-density towers need to be explained.

Regardless of how the name has evolved, on our website, you will find articles/blog posts, and other web pages where these towers still might be referred to as microgreen towers or baby green towers.
Whether speaking about microgreen towers, baby green towers, or high-density towers, we are referring to the same tower model. What a shame that it is not called baby green towers anymore.

The name has changed, but the tower is still built with the same uncompromised quality.

High-density tower? We will get used to it!